Custom Domain Overview

// How can you Benefit from a Custom Domain?

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Why Keep Your Publications on a Custom Domain?

Custom Domain is a tool for raising brand awareness as well as boosting views, customer trust, and SEO.

Available in FlippingBook Online, Custom Domain allows you to customize URLs under your own domain name while storing them with FlippingBook. If you work hard on creating and supporting your brand, then custom links are what your publications need. Instead of , your link will look like this: , where ‘catalogs’ can be anything you want.

// With Custom Domain, each publication will clearly embody your brand.


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3 Unbranded link


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catalogs. /view/782964 Branded link

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Brand Awareness

Trustworthy links Your customers recognize your brand as soon as they see the branded URL, so they know that

it’s safe to click on. Identifiable content No matter where your customers find your

A link on a Custom Domain can help you boost brand awareness.

publications – be it in search or on social media – they instantly recognize your brand. Higher click-through rates Branded links are proved to increase CTR by up to 34%: customers are more likely to click on links that include brand names.


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Brand Integrity

Strong branding Along with your logo, favicon, and design, the branded URL turns your publications into brand ambassadors. Label-free content You can create publications without any mention of FlippingBook at all – even links become part of your brand. Better control Custom Domain gives you full control over your content, since your link has no connection to FlippingBook.

With Custom Domain, your publications will be a perfect reflection of your brand.

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Publication views and customer trust are correlated, and Custom Domain can help you with both. Increase in Views and Trust

created by FlippingBook believe the content is relevant and valuable – so they start ranking it higher in search results and boost its trustworthiness even further. Trust and Views go hand in hand A branded publication looks more trustworthy, so it gets more clicks and views. And when it gets more views, search engines


SERM Branded links help improve the search engine reputation management (SERM) of your brand. You can control it even better by customizing the title and description of your publication – they will appear in search results as part of the snippet. Link building A flipbook has a much better SEO potential than a PDF. Promote your flipbook on your main website and social media, get backlinks – and it will become a great SEO asset in no time.

created by FlippingBook Better Content Structure Unlike PDFs, flipbooks are perceived by crawlers as websites, so they get indexed faster and ranked higher. Boost your brand with a Custom domain and a little bit of help from SEO. SEO Boost


Want a Custom Domain? Think of a domain name similar to and contact us to set it up.


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